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Published:August 2, 2023

Clap it up for yourself!!!

Support is important and feels great when we have it; however, do you take the time to celebrate your accomplishments independently? Some of you have dreamed, prayed, sacrificed, devoted time, resources, and energy to be where you are today. Now that you are here, your mind is still in preparation mode and has not caught up to the reality that you are living what you dreamed about. Take a moment, take it all in, where you are, where you were, and what you did to get to this place. Have a celebration for you. Take yourself out to a celebratory breakfast/lunch/dinner. Clap it up for you. Have a toast for you. Have a moment of gratitude and thankfulness. This is not boastful or arrogant. This is self-compassion at its finest. You don't need to wait for anyone to clap for you when you have the ability to clap for yourself. >Enter slow clap here<

Natasha Thomas - LMFT

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