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Published:January 4, 2023

Keep that same energy

Keep that same energy

Far too often parents focus on what their child did wrong. They will bring it up, and remind them of past mistakes. Parents will remind them of them not listening, poor grades, their attitude, not wanting to help their siblings, etc. Imagine if you put that same energy into their accomplishments. Now hear me, I'm not saying don't correct your child. What I am saying is to choose to focus and highlight the good they are doing. Celebrate their good choices, awards, thoughtfulness, kind heart, etc. Don't just mention this around people and post it. Say it to them and remind them of their awesomeness all the time. We live in a world where the celebration of good times is short lived, while the focus of our mistakes is long lived. Let’s change that narrative with our children. Remember they believe what they are told. 

Here are some things to remind your child.

  • Remind them of their awards and accomplishments 
  • Remind them of their efforts to work hard
  • Remind them of their kind heart
  • Remind them their a good sibling
  • Remind them their a good son/daughter
  • Remind them of their helpfulness
  • Remind them of their great sense of humor
  • Remind them of their inquisitiveness 
  • Remind them of how responsible they are
  • Remind them ( now add your own)

Shareela Allen, LCSW

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