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Published:February 5, 2024


Valentine's Day is approaching soon. Here are 29 ways to show yourself love this month. Remember, this should be 365 days.

  1. Buy yourself flowers
  2. Journal 5 things you like/love about yourself
  3. Buy yourself a blank card and write yourself a love note
  4. Take a selfie of yourself for YOU
  5. Color in a coloring book
  6. Treat yourself to lunch/dinner 
  7. Watch a childhood movie/cartoon
  8. Cook yourself/order your favorite food.
  9. Journal 5 things you’re grateful for
  10. Order/make your favorite dessert
  11. Take a long bath/ long shower. Get fancy with it add eucalyptus, music, wine, a snack, a book, etc
  12. Plan a movie night with yourself; popcorn, snacks, candy, drinks, etc
  13. Plan a paint-n-sip for self
  14. Plan a picnic at the park with self-love
  15. Take a nap
  16. Say No
  17. Take a walk in nature
  18. Read something on the couch with a blanket
  19. Buy something that you’ve been wanting
  20. Write some affirmations on your bathroom mirror (use a dry-erase marker)
  21. Do something that you have been afraid to do
  22. Try a new hobby
  23. Disconnect from all electronic devices
  24. Meditate
  25. Celebrate something you did this month (take yourself out/ buy yourself flowers, get yourself a card, etc.)
  26. Give yourself a hug
  27. Give yourself a compliment 
  28. Listen to your body
  29. Ask yourself how you are feeling and give yourself what you need (rest, eat, a hug, to connect with others, etc)
  • - Shareela Allen, LCSW

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