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Published:October 1, 2022

You Are Not Your Diagnosis

Having a mental health diagnosis does not define who you are. Whether your diagnosis is biological or environmental, this diagnosis is A PART of who you are but it is not WHO YOU ARE. I'll give you an example. A person with a sprained ankle has a sprained ankle. THEY are not a sprained ankle, but they HAVE a sprained ankle. You are not identified by your diagnosis and you should not seek to be addressed as such. We aim to embrace everything that makes you unique and a part of that is your diagnosis. There may have been a time where the symptoms of your diagnosis served as a means to help you survive. This part of you was valuable to your very existence and it may not be necessary or helpful today. With support, you can learn tools to help you in managing behaviors that are appropriate for this space and time so you can show up as you, not as your diagnosis.

-Natasha Thomas, LMFT

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